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Rahul Gandhi… articles on the net

August 15, 2010

First of all Rahul’s full portfolio here:

Now to some comments..

Given his position where he is a son of Sonia Gandhi, he could have easily become a deputy prime minister but he rejected even a small ministry in the present govt.

This is termed as Power without Responsibilities. When you can use country’s resources as you wish, control things as you want, without having to really ‘work’ by taking a minister post, why wouldn’t you? Ruling by proxy is the most efficient way. I was hearing a speech by Donald Trump once which was highlighting the benefit of leveraging assets without actually owning them, I thought of Gandhi family, particularly Rahul & Sonia.

Quote Originally Posted by LoveIndia View Post
He has balance, energy, understand the local issues, always travels to rural areas (Tribal), bachelor who has time to spend with full commitment and brings atleast a few solution to take care of the issues, …

Since you brought the bachelor stuff, this is termed as Pleasure without responsibilities. When he gets what he wants in private life without making any commitment, a.k.a., marriage as they call in Indian tradition, why bother?

And if I may take a step further & recount the dynasty’s drool over white women..

After all Great Grand Father drooled over a married white women when the country was being split…

.. and was lighting Edwina’s cigarettes when millions were dying in India due to his highly stupid acceptance of a criminal partition plan, that he even hid from his mentor Mahatma. Lier!

And his father drooled over another White woman after getting drunk in bars.. here pictured getting her Kwality ice cream during those years.

Now our prince-charm is living with his Spanish (not Columbian as he says) GF for years… What’s India’s future dynasty lady’s name? Veronique ‘fake’ Gandhi?

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