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Nature and Life and us

June 30, 2010

there was a time when man explored nature. his existence was based on his conquests.

1) what is the aim and purpose of this life?



4) what is love?

……love is the feeling where pain is accepted for happiness forgoing ego.

5) what is a soul?

…..soul is unnatural

6) why do we have this feelings of happiness, sadness,anger?

….because we build expectations with others nd hence

7)are u happy?

………i not not happy. i over ran my 100 m race.


…….triumph over nature is success

9)why i feel frustated?

………becoz u r tense.. let go ur expectations nd breathe easy. u r locked inside

10) i am sad! why?

……….-> u wanted to be more happy than before?

11) why do we always have expectations in life?

………….-> to defeat nature

12) i am not satisfied nor contend with my life.don’t know what to do and what exactly i want?

……….–>wait dear… dont think this way.->pursue with calmness of the sea. mix with the nature.

13)difference between realisation and self-realisation?

………..->there is no realization when u r admist nature

14) try to think urself as seeking to seek nature than outwit in nature

15)why do we always have some or other thoughts?

……………–> we dont actually.. if we do.. we wont be thinking on why we have thoughts.

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