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‘Fringe’ is Vogue to describe the Mens rights Groups.

June 15, 2010

There have been two instances I came across where the word fringe has been use in democratic sense for groups that represent 50% of the gender populations in this world. The instances are regarding two great democracies USA and India.

The first instance was reported in the feminist paper Hindu by an author Kalpana sharma. Since then a couple of mails have flown across to describe her misandry as blind syndrome. she comes across as a paid Author with no focus on the subject matter where the victims are men who face false cases and their rights are termed as Fringe by her. Please mail her at Email the writer:

She begins with the title “The Other Half”-Defining sexual assault but then accuses the fringe groups.

Skewed balance

For example, instead of looking more closely at provisions in the draft law, some newspapers have been emphasising the opinions of little known groups that insist that the law will victimise men. This is an amazing form of “balanced” reporting where you place on an equal footing the very real problem facing millions of women who have been sexually assaulted, and their rights, with small, fringe “men’s rights” groups who are given equal or sometimes even more media space.

Such paid authors are hired by Hindu on a subject. Neither is Kalpana an expert matter here nor is she have accurate information as how democratic values are demolished by the feminist mafia. she needs to write a paper on how these values are systematically shortchanged at the expense of utopian belief that the women of India wont abuse these laws. Her own words above describe her belief of the Fashion WORD. FRINGE.

The second instance

NM Rep. Ben Lujan Calls Abusegaters “Domestic Violence Deniers”

The Republican senator was affected enough to propose a I-VAWA bill which directly affects millions of Indian families. and he can call them Fringe.

I wonder feminists love the word fringe! Their paid supporters latch to these words!

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