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MY LAST WISH: use freely

April 29, 2010

I, HUSBAND aged 28 YEARS, right now presently residing at ADDRESS do hereby declare and execute on this CURRENT DATE my solemn WILL AND TESTAMENT as follows:
1.       WHEREAS, I AM A Hindu by religion and got married with WIFE on DATE according to the Hindu Marriage Customs & Rites at Delhi.
2.       Due to some matrimonial disputes / inhumanly behaviour / unfamiliar behaviour with me and my parents and my family members by my estranged WIFE and her parents (father, mother, brothers, uncle and aunt) has deserted me in her own volition on DATE. For these circumstances and regular threats of my wife and her parents regarding false complaints of dowry related and false cases dowry related and capture a property and jail against false complaint of dowry or false case of dowry (as per their own words), my father disowned me and my wife from his Movable / Immovable Property(s) and published an add for the same in Dainik Jagran newspaper on DATE with the help of a LAWYER.
3.       My estranged wife and his parents and his family members have been of quarrelling and violent nature and had ever been physically assaulting me besides abusing me regularly on one pretext or the other and she has ultimately left the matrimonial home and deserted in DATE and since then she is residing in her father’s house at WIFE. Despite her various drawbacks, I still wanted to improve her with my constant love and affection and made all out efforts along with my different relatives to bring her back to our matrimonial home for the same.
4.       She instead filed various false complaints (CAW Cell dated ——) and false cases (Ghaziabad Police Station u/s 498A/323/3/4DPAct dated —————- & Ghaziabad Court u/s 125 dated ———— & Ghaziabad Court u/s 24 dated ———-) against me my parents and other family members. Her cruelty is increasing day by day. Due to these false complaints & false cases my life is full of danger and I feel that my life is but short and God knows when it may come to an end. Hence, I with my free WILL and without any pressure make this WILL with my sound predisposition mind. To several places that will be a risk to my life.
5.       I herby bequeath and make it very clear in no uncertain terms that my estranged WIFE do not have any rights whatsoever in any manner of the Movable / Immovable Property(s) I leave behind after my death.
6.       I have executed this WILL on my volition and without coercion signed and attested in the presence of the lawyer and three witnesses after it was read over to me.
7.       Hence I have decided to EXECUTE this WILL in favour of MY ELDER SISTER AND ELDER BROTHER-IN-LAW who will have absolute right of all my Movable / Immovable Property(s) and / or Rights after my death with regard to my BANK ACCOUNT(S) INSURANCE POLICY(S) CPF (IIFT) AND MOVABLE / IMMOVABLE PROPERTY(S) as described below on the following terms and conditions:
S. NO.
Bank Account(s)
Insurance Policy(s)
Movable / Immovable Property(s)
Provident Fund
Share / Debenture / Mutual Fund etc.
8.       Hence all the above balance amounts in the above mentioned Bank Account(s) Insurance Policy(s), amounts, Movable / Immovable Property(s) mentioned above and other benefit(s) if any shall go to MY ELDER SISTER & ELDER SISTER-IN-LAW in case of my death.
9.       Any other Movable / Immovable Property(s) if comes to knowledge after my death shall be taken to MY ELDER SISTER & ELDER SISTER-IN-LAW.
10.   I authorize hereby MY ELDER SISTER AND ELDER BROTHER-IN-LAW to withdraw the necessary amounts from the above said account(s) for the purpose of (CHILDREN OF MY ELDER SISTER AND ELDER BROTHER-IN-LAW) education, donation, hostel & other miscellaneous expenses on maintaining proper account.
11.   In case of death of one nominee the other one will take charge by default.
12.   This is my last WILL AND TESTAMENT executed on my own accord with mental stability without threat fear or influence or force and further I declare that I have not executed any WILL in favor of anybody sofor.
13.   The copy of this WILL shall be in the custody of my mother’s brother i.e. MY MAMA.
14.   The copy of this WILL may also be forward to President of India, Prime Minister of India, Chief Justice of India, Home Minister of India, UPA & Congress Chairperson Hon. Ms. Sonia Gandhi, Women and Child Minister, Chairperson of Central Women Commission, Chief Minister of Delhi, Commissioner of Police, Deputy Commissioner of Munirka Village Area, SHO of Munirka Village Area i.e. Vasant Vihar Police Station, Director (AIIMS), BJP President.
15.   In case anyone raises any objection and challenges this WILL the objection shall be treated as null and void.
16.   And in the last & final wish, after my death, my dead body give to AIIMS, Director  immediately, because I want to donate my whole body / whole body parts to All India Institute of Medical Sciences for recovery / transplant / deliver my body parts to another needy persons / people / patient so that MAR KAR BHI ZINDA RAHOON. No one can claim my body or body parts. It is sole / full authority to AIIMS, Director who will take charge. I request to AIIMS, Director you may do as per your criteria and your decision will be the final one.
17.   I specifically state and wish that my WIFE is not entitled to any part of my body or any remains, bones or ashes etc.
18.   I specifically state and wish my WIFE shall be barred attending my funeral.
19.   IN WITNESS AND EXECUTION WHERE OF I the above said HUSBAND have set my hand here under and on all the proceeding pages on the date month and year at the place first above written in the presence of the following witnesses:
The contents of this WILL make and drafted by an ADVOCATE.

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